ensemble mosaik © Sandra Schuck

Founded in 1997, ensemble mosaik has evolved to become a particularly diverse and experimental formation in the field of contemporary music. Beyond their outstanding instrumental skills they display creative individuality and a never-ending joy in experiments. In years of tight cooperation they have created an entity of sound that is highest ranking both in artistic competence and openness to the most diverse concepts of contemporary music. Close cooperation with up-and-coming composers and the tying in of digital media are key to the ensemble’s work in composition, interpretation and presentation. It prefers an egalitarian workflow between all participants in a project. Transparency helps focus and intensify creativity. ensemble mosaik has cooperated with many composers over the years, thus enhancing a musical development in mutuality. A special focal point is the reflection of new approaches in performance, such as including scenic and visual elements, and the trying of new concert formats, shedding light on shared contexts connecting individual works, consolidating current strands and probing new perspectives. In cooperation with artists from other fields and musical genres, the concerts themselves become experimental designs.



Manuel Rodríguez Valenzuela: Hideouts

Ensemble Mosaik, Lluïsa Espigolé