Octavi Rumbau

— Composer

Born in Barcelona, Octavi Rumbau recent work focuses on the search for new sound spaces of interaction between instrument and electronics, as well as to deepen into the malleability of musical time and its paradoxes. Part of the music of Rumbau exploits the possibility of creating self-generating material from minimal premises. Organically regular structures proliferate in the form of processes of increasing, decreasing or stagnation complexity. The perception of time is, indubitably, changed and transformed, released from ends-driven purposes, offering a glimpse of the possibility of a vertical, malleable time. We could say, in fact, that the passage of time and the alteration of perception are the two core elements in Octavi Rumbau’s conception of music.




— Octavi Rumbau

Neus Estarellas

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Miquel Bernat