Mario Lucarda © Ana Madrid


Humet: Homenaje a Martha Graham. Cover

Ramon Humet

after the poem by Mario Lucarda

C. McFadden, A. Rosado, K. Kaoru, Neopercusión

Mario Lucarda was born in Barcelona in 1944. He studied Business Administration at ESADE (1966) and Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Barcelona (1981). He has published three books of poetry, Cantos vivos (1980) (Sharp Edges), Voltereta en el aire (2002) (Somersault in the Air), and Midiendo la inmensidad (2011) (Measuring the Immensity). He has worked as literary critic for the newspapers Diario de Barcelona, La Vanguardia and El País, as well as for the literary reviews Quimera, Hora de Poesía and Camp de l’Arpa. Some of his literary essays have also been published in Quimera and Assaig de Teatre. Throughout his career in literature Mario Lucarda has formed part of the editorial board of various literary journals, Hora de Poesía, Poiesis, and poesía 080 barcelona. Translation has been another significant activity with, among others, Cartas de John Keats (1982) and the poetry of Charles Simic ‘El mundo no se acaba’  y otros poemas (1999), together with texts by Pound, Hawthorne, and  a selection of poems of Wallace Stevens. Homenaje a Martha Graham was first published as a booklet by the Café Central collection, (2000). Alongside these activities, Mario Lucarda has worked in business management and as a teacher of Spanish Language and Literature. His poetry is included in the anthology Barcelona: 25 años de poesía en lengua española, published in number nine of the literary journal Ficciones (Granada, 2002).