Guix: Images of Broken Light


London Sinfonietta, Geoffrey Paterson
Abel Tomàs, Arnau Tomàs, Josep Colom


HD Digital Album Stereo


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MP3 · 320 kbps



60:06 min.


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Guix is one of the most personal and intriguing of Catalan composers. His music, which is delicate and intimate, reminds us of Mompou at his most essential: succinct forms, a subtle treatment of resonance and silence, and a pared-down writing that comes from the careful modelling of sound. Guix’s music –a music of minimal gestures and subtle contrasts of timbre– plunges us into a world of refined sonorities and contemplation, whose organic nature is extremely evocative.

Beauty is inalienable for Josep Maria Guix, and in its pursuit he hones all the techniques and materials at his disposal: research into timbre through analysis of the acoustic spectrum, stand-out gestural innovations —wind chimes effect, delay, heart beat effect—, organically blurred outlines, distribution of sound in real and virtual space, and a non-discursive form that begins and ends in itself, as if each note were unique and lovingly sculpted.


1-4. Vent del capvespre for ensemble
5-7. Slowly… in mist for piano trio
8-14. Seven Haikus for cello
15. Llàgrimes de tardor for violin and piano
16. Stella for piano
17-19. Three Haikus for cello and piano
20-22. Jardín seco for ensemble

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